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From a better hold on quality to maximum yield in the ornamental plants-chain

The better the quality of your ornamental plant products, the better your yield. With this motto, Floricon gladly examines your products and company processes. From a thorough analysis we hand you action points to improve the quality. Our focus in this lies on the entire ornamental plants-chain. Quality enhancement is human labour. With clear advice and personal coaching of your employees we achieve the best results. Improving quality is one thing. Quality monitoring is just as important. If desired, our team will keep supporting you with periodic checkups or audits. This is how we can jointly keep a hold on the quality, which for you results in satisfied customers and maximum yield.
Interested in quality enhancement? We would be happy to make an appointment with you.

Fris: insight in the quality of your products, at any given moment

Floricon uses the in-house developed digital system Fris, the Floricon Reporting and Information System (Rapportage and Informatie Systeem). Fris is the quality system for all parties within the ornamental plants-chain. Together we determine the quality specifications of your products. With Fris you can monitor the quality at any given moment and after an inspection you are have direct access to all relevant information. Everything within reach, online, at one location!

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